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Adhar India - Sat Apr 02, 2011 @ 06:24AM
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As a civil society organization (CSO), ADHAR believes that the key factors to a successful governance is social inclusion and social accountability, thus it has established linkages with other CSOs and non-governmental organizations (NGO) in promoting social accountability. 


ANSA is a new project that is aimed at advocating participation from the public sector to assess the information awareness as well as accessibility of public assistance from the Government. 


ADHAR is currently promoting volunteer cadres to access the Right to Information Act of the Government in addressing the effective implementation of the government schemes and projects for the rural regions, such as the Public Distribution System and the MG-NREGA.


Under this project, ADHAR aims to promote the Citizen Report Card and the Community Score Card to determine the status of these government schemes and projects, whether or not they are reaching the far flung villages in the rural regions of Western Orissa.


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Adhar India - Sat Apr 02, 2011 @ 06:12AM
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Under Governance, ADHAR has created the Citizens Against Corruption Program (CACP) operating in 48 Villages of 8 Gram Panchayats in Loisingha Block.


The Citizens Against Corruption Program is aimed at promoting anti-corruption committees at the Village, Cluster and Gram Panchayat levels, as well as promoting cadres or Community volunteers to mobilize the communities in effectively utilizing the Right to Information in addressing the implementation of the Public Distribution System (PDS) and the Mahatma Gandi-National Rural Employment Guarantee Act (MG-NREGA).


At present, ADHAR is advocating the use of the Citizen Report Card and Community Score Card to track down the status of the Public Distribution System (PDS) and the implementation of the MG-NREGA government schemes.

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Under the Food Security and Livelihood Program of ADHAR is the Community Institution Building (CIB) Project operating in 36 Villages in 5 Gram Panchayats in Kaprakhol Block, and the Community Coping Mechanism for Sustainable Food Security and Livelihood, which is being implemented in 12 Villages in Fatamunda Gram Panchayat under Patnagarh Block.


The Community Institution Building Project of ADHAR is focused on organizing the socially excluded members of the communities as a People’s Organization including the Dalits, migrant laborers, tribals, marginal farmers and the women at the Village, cluster and Gram Panchayat levels, and address food security and wage rights issues through their collective action.


Similarly, the Community Coping Mechanism for Sustainable Food Security and Livelihood Project also supports level organization of vulnerable families to strengthen their collective actions in order to address their rights and entitlements.


ADHAR is currently facilitating micro level planning at the village level focusing on resolving food security issues and capacitating the communities by promoting sustainable food and livelihood securities through backyard plantation and sustainable agricultural practices such as the use of bio-compost as fertilizers and other environmental friendly methods in agriculture.


Since the implementation of the Project, ADHAR has provided Grain and Seed Bank to support the village communities during lean periods and provide safeguard against starvation during natural calamities when the poor and marginalized people do not have the sufficient resources to purchase their rations.  


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Adhar India - Sat Apr 02, 2011 @ 05:15AM
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ADHAR is focusing on two primary projects under its disability program, namely, Community Based Rehabilitation and Comprehensive Eye Services.

The Comprehensive Eye Services Project covers 292 Villages in 44 Gram Panchayats in Loisingha and Patnagarh Blocks of Bolangir District.

So far, ADHAR has initiated the formation of Eye Care Committees at the Village Level and the capacity-building and strengthening of the Self-Help Advocacy Groups (SHAG) for Persons with Disability (PWD) at the Village level. 

Since the creation of this project, 6 persons with disability have undergone rehabilitation services, as well as medical surgeries were extended to recipients, through the assistance of ADHAR with the help of the linkages it has established with different government schemes and other NGO support.







This child’s cataract was surgically removed through the assistance received by ADHAR from other non-government organizations.





The other project under the DISABILITY PROGRAM is Community-Based Rehabilitation (CBR) Project of ADHAR operates in 4 Gram Panchayats in Bolangir Block and 6 Gram Panchayats in Titlagarh Block of Bolangir District.

It focuses on promoting inclusive education of all eligible children with disabilities, and providing home based services for severe cases of people with disabilities (PWD). 

The CBR Project is likewise aimed at providing individual and family level counseling in dealing with disability, as well as increase awareness campaigns to minimize disability cases and promote support for people with disability (PWDs) through organizing PWD Self-Help Groups at the Village and Village cluster levels. 

ADHAR promotes advocacy for PWD Self-Help Groups in order to capacitate them in accessing their rights and entitlements from Government disability schemes and other support.

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Adhar India - Sat Apr 02, 2011 @ 03:11AM
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Women and children are the most vulnerable sections of the Indian Society, thus the Child Rights Project of ADHAR addresses the development of child rights movements and making sure that the Government schemes for the rights of the child are being implemented in the grass roots.


The Child Rights Program is being implemented in 50 Villages of 7 Gram Panchayats in Loisingha Block of Bolangir District.


The main objectives of the Child Rights Project are education for all, reduction of infant mortality rate, strengthening community action in activating Government programs such as the formal education system, Integrated Child Development Schemes Program and Immunization Program, as well as activating the Panchayati Raj Institution (or the local body) to effectively support the marginalized communities in reducing distress migration.


Through ADHAR’s direct intervention in the village communities covered by the project, enrollment of children per school year has been increasing, the village Balmela has been established, baseline data have been gathered and the implementation of NREGA project of the government has been put in place.


This project is aimed at capacitating the village elders, the parents, and the village as a whole, which will ultimately be beneficial to the children’s growth and development.





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