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ADHAR is focusing on two primary projects under its disability program, namely, Community Based Rehabilitation and Comprehensive Eye Services.

The Comprehensive Eye Services Project covers 292 Villages in 44 Gram Panchayats in Loisingha and Patnagarh Blocks of Bolangir District.

So far, ADHAR has initiated the formation of Eye Care Committees at the Village Level and the capacity-building and strengthening of the Self-Help Advocacy Groups (SHAG) for Persons with Disability (PWD) at the Village level. 

Since the creation of this project, 6 persons with disability have undergone rehabilitation services, as well as medical surgeries were extended to recipients, through the assistance of ADHAR with the help of the linkages it has established with different government schemes and other NGO support.







This child’s cataract was surgically removed through the assistance received by ADHAR from other non-government organizations.





The other project under the DISABILITY PROGRAM is Community-Based Rehabilitation (CBR) Project of ADHAR operates in 4 Gram Panchayats in Bolangir Block and 6 Gram Panchayats in Titlagarh Block of Bolangir District.

It focuses on promoting inclusive education of all eligible children with disabilities, and providing home based services for severe cases of people with disabilities (PWD). 

The CBR Project is likewise aimed at providing individual and family level counseling in dealing with disability, as well as increase awareness campaigns to minimize disability cases and promote support for people with disability (PWDs) through organizing PWD Self-Help Groups at the Village and Village cluster levels. 

ADHAR promotes advocacy for PWD Self-Help Groups in order to capacitate them in accessing their rights and entitlements from Government disability schemes and other support.

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